Wednesday 9 January 2013

Goroke blaze flares up again

Firefighters say they will be keep a close watch on a fire in Victoria's west that became active again on Thursday.

Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley said the Goroke bushfire, along with a blaze at Kentbruck, were major concerns to authorities with parts of Victoria expected to hit 42C on Friday.

The fast-moving fire began in bushland about 15km southeast of the Goroke area in the Wimmera region on Tuesday.

One side of the 920-hectare fire became active on Thursday and spotted over about 20 hectares, fire authorities say.

Bulldozers and waterbombing aircraft worked to contain the blaze and by about 4pm (AEDT) it was no longer spreading.

Residents of Gymbowen, Mitre, Tooan, Jilpanger are still advised to monitor fire conditions ahead of Friday's dangerously high temperatures.

The nearby town of Horsham, located about 70km from the fire, is expecting 40 degrees on Friday.

Crews from the Department of Sustainability and Environment will patrol the fire front into Thursday evening having controlled a spotfire southeast of the original blaze.

Friday has been declared a total fire ban for the entire state.